Employee surveys for the assessment of working conditions

Employee surveys regarding mental stress at work

The most frequently used title for this extensive and valuable topic in every company is: Risk assessment of mental stress.

For most managers and also employees, however, this designation is often rather discouraging and misleading. Most individuals develop a great deal of skepticism, even though this very risk assessment holds one of the greatest opportunities for all working people.

Once the decision has been made on the methodology for involving employees (workshop, moderated survey or distribution of questionnaires), the digital option can reach large number of colleagues. It is mandatory to provide comprehensive information first to the executives and then to all affected employees in order to improve not only to “satisfy” any authority or institution with documentation but to actually enhance working conditions that can, for example, reduce turnover or sick leave.

Upon request, we can provide you with the names of companies that can support you in the implementation of this comprehensive risk assessment.

Employee surveys regarding mental stress

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