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Digital Signs and Displays – “Do Not Disturb!”

We developed our app iNoRisk.busy to conduct meetings and discussions in an uninterrupted atmosphere. Concentration is particularly important in the field of occupational health and safety to achieve the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.

For our purposes, we needed to find a door sign that offers many options depending on the intended use. The search for a door sign that meets our needs and at the same time does not exceed our budget, is not too complicated to handle, or does not turn out to be unrepresentative, prompted us to take matters into our own hands.

For our purposes, we had to find a door sign, which offers many options, depending on the application. The search for a door sign that would meet our needs and at the same time not exceed the financial limits, be too costly to handle or turn into the opposite and not be representative, led us to take this task into our own hands.

InoRisk.busy is the result, an app that has one thing in common with our other apps, it is pragmatic, logical and innovative.

iNoRisk.busy in the App Store

Digital sign for meeting room

General information about iNoRisk.busy

Our app iNoRisk.busy is available for almost all iOs devices in German and English language. Advanced functions/settings make it possible to remotely control the displays for any number of devices and to transfer inputs to other devices.

Various templates are further configurable:

  • Red/Green switch (Busy, Free)
  • Text fields (company, staff, guests, etc.)
  • Image fields (for logos)
  • Colors (for the CI)
  • Room number
  • Clock

With the right wall mount or stand solution, the old iPads find an ideal reuse.

Suggested applications for iNoRisk.busy

  • Name tag
  • Door sign
  • Information board for trainings and conferences
  • Information sign, e.g. mask obligation
  • Restroom sign
  • Welcome sign
  • Airport pick up sign
  • Welcoming Guests
iNoRisk.busy shield mask wear

You have questions about the iNoRisk software?

Then contact our team by mail support@inorisk.com.