Effectiveness controls

The linchpin for minimizing virtually all risks

This module is also about increasing the safety and health of all employees in the company. For example, if risks have been identified from risk assessments, walk-throughs or meetings, measures have been derived and these are to be implemented by various parties, checking their effectiveness is essential. It is one of the most important management tasks and is immensely facilitated by a clean overview.

Your focus on the essentials

For simplification and to really not forget anything, to set priorities and to delegate and control the implementation of measures cleanly, we have designed the module.

A traffic light function as well as the possibility of access rights for, for example, a responsible person in the headquarters of a larger company, increase transparency and thus security in the company. Controlling in the true sense, not only as control but as genuine management of the meaningful and compliant implementation of all identified measures.

Clear and purposeful

Section 6 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act regarding documentation clearly states that the employer must have all necessary documents that provide evidence of the risk assessment, the established occupational safety measures, and the results of their review.

While the exact form of this documentation is not defined, for the purpose of proof and, of course, ensuring the proper and professional implementation, a digital overview in a so-called dashboard is recommended.

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