Preventing serious accidents through instruction

Accidents in the workplace can have serious consequences for those affected and their families, as well as legal consequences for people in management positions in a company. Inadequate or even lack of instruction can promote accidents. Instruction of employees is required by law. In addition to the initial training of employees or in the event of a change in the area of responsibility, there are also annual updates in accordance with the valid legal situation.

Prevent accidents through instruction

Clean documentation thanks to the iNoRisk.mobile app and the optionally connected e-learning modules

The iNoRisk.mobile app and technology also support spontaneously scheduled trainings for employees. The module for instruction allows the clean documentation of the taught topic. The app supports the creation of a list of participants.

Confirmation of participation in training as proof of attendance

Afterwards, employees can directly confirm their instructional participation in the iNoRisk.mobile app and even receive a participation certificate if desired. Based on this, the employer has immediate access to a proof of attendance in electronic or printed form right after the training.

Prevent accidents through instruction

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