Work equipment tests

Prevent accidents by inspecting work equipment

In addition to social occupational health and safety, companies are also obliged to subject technical occupational health and safety to regular inspections. This involves checking the condition of operating equipment and initiating measures if necessary. For better documentation, we recommend our iNoRisk app.

For suitable documentation, we recommend the use of the modules described briefly below.

Inspection of work equipment subject to testing

We are currently working on a complementary app for recording and monitoring work equipment subject to testing in almost all industries and sectors. The modules already available should help the respective expert in documenting the test. The new development essentially focuses on a database of all the work equipment used at a site and, as mentioned, subject to inspection. Once the diligence task of recording is done and the equipment inventory is created, it demonstrably simplifies the workflow.

Shelf inspection

Testing with expertise in the iNoRisk app complies with the specifications of EN 15635. Shelf inspection is an optional module and can be licensed and used by pure shelf inspectors / inspection services as a single module. In principle, any number of shelf types and defects can be recorded, photographed and evaluated. The output of the report is uncomplicated and clearly structured.

Shelf inspection
Testing of ladders and steps

Testing of ladders and steps

This module either makes it easier for internal employees to record and inspect the ladders and steps in the company properly and professionally, or it serves as an instrument for external specialists to document the individual inspections on site.

Gate check

This module is also frequently used internally by qualified persons. It saves employees and external service providers from working with basic word processing programs or even manually filling out printed lists. In line with digitalization, the documents are stored and can be exported when needed.

Gate check
Industrial trucks

Industrial truck testing

The inspection of material handling equipment is mostly carried out by specialized companies that also perform maintenance and, if necessary, repairs. These companies can use the single module if they license the app. Alternatively, of course, it is available to specially trained occupational safety professionals or experts who simply perform the inspection at their customers’ sites.

Hand pallet truck testing

The testing of hand pallet trucks is often underestimated or even ignored. However, unfortunately, many accidents still happen with this equipment and regular testing is not only legally relevant but makes absolute sense. If suitable persons are available within the company, their training for internal inspection offers a good option. Otherwise, a specially trained occupational safety specialist will usually be happy to carry out the inspection.

Hand pallet truck
Lifting platforms

Lifting platform testing

Lifting platforms are also part of the work equipment that must be regularly inspected and pose special hazards. In view of this, we recommend an external audit by qualified personnel who can work clearly with the documentation of this module, for example.

Aerial work platforms testing

This module is suitable for an orienting, internal inspection within the official inspection periods. So to speak, an intermediate test when needed or preferably before each new use. Aerial work platforms pose a very high risk of accidents and should always be 100% safe and trouble-free.

Aerial Work Platforms
Loading ramps

Loading ramp testing

Also, too many and mostly avoidable accidents still happen when dealing with loading ramps. Testing is mandatory and must be performed regularly and always and exclusively by qualified personnel. Your occupational safety specialist will certainly be happy to advise you.

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