Expertise in occupational safety software for over 12 years

iNoRisk was born out of the desire to solve occupational health and safety needs with efficient software. This can include individual apps for specific occupational safety topics, office organization, and field service, as well as our comprehensive iNoRisk.world (desktop and app versions).

At iNoRisk, we look back on a time marked by change, efficiency and process optimization, starting from the first iPad as the initial “tool” to today’s state-of-the-art tablets and notebooks.

2009 BGV A2 ++ resp. DGUV V2 ++
2010 iNoRisk.Basic
2011 iNoRisk.Profi
2016 iNoRisk 4.0
2021 iNoRisk.mobile
2022 iNoRisk.desk
2023 iNoRisk.world