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About iNoRisk

The company iNoRisk was originally founded as a consulting company in quality management. It has become apparent time and again that what is predominantly missing is documentation that is easy to understand, practical and lively. As a result, there were no easily applicable systems for documentation creation and auditing, as well as document management and reporting.

QM systems with closet walls full of papers that no one paid attention to, let alone read, except just before audits were not uncommon.

That is why we have increasingly worked closely with the Krautschneider group of companies to develop pragmatic and user-friendly solutions to this shortcoming.

As a result of repeated requests from our customers and our own need for effective application systems, the group of our companies has become Krautschneider Consulting e.K.,., AsA Arbeitsschutz AG and iNoRisk GmbH & Co. KG developed a system house with the motto pragmatic – logical – innovative has developed a wide range of applications.

Systems for your safety in essential, legally binding regulated areas – completely without risk – with iNoRisk.

Our team and their focus

Alexander J. Krautschneider


Albert Keller

Authorized signatory / Finance

Kai Lieberwirth

Software development management

Yannick Wippert

Project Management / Support

Razvan Prodana

System programming / Backend

Andrey Gologan

Freelancer / System programming


Daniel Recu

Freelancer / Web Programming / Frontend

Plus various, project-related freelancers

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